Sunday, January 9, 2011


I am officially all moved into my dorm in Florence! It's not tooooo bad ;) It's almost midnight and I am laying under my comforter with my computer because I don't want the brightness to wake up my roomie(who is from Brazil!!!!)! How considerate of me! Me, mom, and Tony came down yesterday and looked around town and campus and stayed at the Marriot last night. Very nice! Got up this morning to go to a contemporary worship service and the Methodist Church...yea we made it for the last two songs.. embarrassing. But I met the preacher(who btw is the daughter of my preacher in Scottsboro). I am hoping to go back and see how I like it! Tonight me, Laura and Sarah Elizabeth cooked chicken, mac n cheese, and fries. I think(know) I'm going to love it a million times more here than Ttown.

Last night I was laying in bed just thinking about a lot and one thing that stuck in my head was "every new beginning comes from some beginnings end". It's from the song Welcome to Wherever You Are, which was our senior memory day theme. I was/am nervous about this new beginning and I absolutely can't believe it's here. That songs just speaks to me tho, "right here right now you're exactly where you're supposed to be". It's such a positive song that applies to everyone. Even when you are struggling, you are where you're supposed to be. Even when you are happy, you are where you're supposed to be. God puts obstacles and triumphs on our paths for reasons. There is a reason I went to Alabama last year and wasn't happy there. There is a reason I am now happy in Florence. I know I am taking about this move a lot but it is such a huge part of my life, and my plan, I feel like. I am just really excited to see what is in store for me in the future! This is a whole new beginning for me. I left the past relationships/ friendships the were a burden behind. I'm not looking in the rearview mirror. Yes, it can be sad but I have fond memories and now it's time to move along to better/healthier relationships. Anyways I think I am rambling now... just always remember when you are having a tough time or think your life isn't going the right way, that you are where you are at that certain point in your life for a reason! Make the most of it! Stay positive when things come to an end because better things are sure to come your way. Trust me on that! Loves!! :)

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