Thursday, January 20, 2011


Throughout life we have face many choices, with those just leading to more. It's one thing in life that we can't run from or just pass up. When those choices come, how will we know which one is best for us? Just look at one day of our busy lives. When we first wake up, some of us will choose whether or not we are even going to class. Once we are there we have to decide, are we going to pay attention or just slack off, and what about all the work involved? With those choices made we might have set up the rest of our semester to pass the class, or with some, we have just set ourselves up for failure. Not only the choices you make for the day affect just that day, but it will affect each and every day to follow.

Today has been a real eye opener about decisions. I'm not sure why, I have just had to think about past decisions and future decisions. Some things in the past I am just annoyed about. Basically my grades. I mean, they aren't horrible. But I just know that if I had worked a little bit harder last semester I would have less to worry about right now. I can't really go into detail, but just say a prayer that I can accept that this is what it is and keep moving forward.

I've also been thinking about doing a mission trip this summer. I have wanted to for YEARS. I honestly remember telling my mom when I was a junior in high school that I wanted to take a year off of school after graduation and go work in an orphanage in Africa. I mean I looked up cost of living and all the details. It's always been on my heart. So I have been looking again today and found something that interests me. The decision to do a Christian mission trip would be SO rewarding to me. I have only heard simply amazing things from people I know that have done them. I know it will be life changing and I truly want to make a difference in someone's life. I am really feeling called to do this during the summer.

Anyways, I'm just gonna keep taking life one day at a time. Try not to dwell in the past, or worry about the future. It snowed again in Florence tonight. UGHH! Like I love snow but I have learned I would so rather go visit some place where it snows and they know how to live in it. Because us southerners sure don't!

"Kind words are like honey--sweet to the soul and healthy for the body."

Proverbs 16:24

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