Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I love listening to songs that take me back! I realize I've only been out of high school 2 going on 3 years, but it still seems like forever ago. So much has changed, friends drifted apart, friends got closer. It happens no matter how much you try to stop it. Personally I can say that my life has only continued to get better, and better, and better! I am happier now than ever, and often find myself laughing over the things I thought were the end of the world in high school. But getting to the point, I LOVE listening to songs that take me back to those memories for 3 or 4 minutes. I like to listen, reminisce, then keep trucking along with my life. Just thought I would share a few that I'm loving and why right now!

I'm Not One of Them- Lauren Alaina
Guys always gotta prove himself...

Dirt Road Prayer- Lauren Alaina
"It's good to know I can always go where the green grass grows, the weeds are high and the sun hangs low. Look to the sky and I say hello." This reminds me of my farm. It's "my place"

MercyMe- Bring The Rain
Probably just my favorite song ever. Praise HIM no matter what!

Clear As Day- Scotty McCreery
Just LOTS of nights that are still clear as day to me! Sweet memories.

Been There Done That- Luke Bryan
Wish I would have known this song back then!

I know You're Gonna Be There- Luke Bryan
The most perfectly real song.

Okay that's just a few songs on my current playlist! I hope y'all enjoy them!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sweet Story

Oh goodness! Isn't life so beautiful?! I was reading in a book something that I wanted to share. I am twenty, never been in a serious relationship, I have always thought to myself that I would be in one serious relationship forever(other than God and family.. you know what I mean!), but I often find myself wondering when God is going to put that someone in my life. It takes a great faith, and sometimes more faith than other times. But, stories like this give me give me a little more faith! Long story short....

In high school Amy made a list of things she wanted in a husband. On her list was that she wanted him to always carry peppermints in his pocket so that when they had grandkids, they would come to him and know he would always have a peppermint for them. When she met Philip, the first thing he did was offer her a peppermint. Wow, yea! They dated for a while until fate called them to separate directions. After the break up, Amy focused solely on her relationship with God. Two years passed. One day she felt as though God was telling her to call Philip. She said the feeling was so strong, so she called his mother to get his number. She called him, they chatted for hours. He kept calling week after week, and they kept falling more in love with each other. They finally had a date and a few days later he called and asked if they could meet. They went to the mall, drove around, and just hung out so Amy was confused as to why he was so urgent about them meeting up. Finally he said, " Has God been saying anything to you about me?" WHOA! Obviously God had been saying things to Amy too! My heart would have exploded! Then he said, "I feel like you are supposed to be my wife." He got down on his knee and she said yes! The ring came later on. They were married 6 months later.

This story made my heart smile. It proves that God works in miraculous ways, and it shows that when we listen to him, great things will come! If Amy hadn't listened to God telling her to call Philip that day, who knows where they would both be?(well God does, of course.) Pray for your future husband if you don't have one yet!!! And listen when God is telling you something.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Oh, How He Loves Us

Do y'all have pinterest?! I had some friends tell me how awesome it was, but I kept putting it off. Well I finally got one and LOVE it! I found tons of cute things to make for my new room (which I will be showing next week!). I haven't been able to sleep tonight so I was pinning some things and this quote was one of my pins. It got me thinking.. Did I thank God for all that I should have yesterday? I know I am guilty of not always being appreciative and getting so caught up in things that I forget to stop and remember WHO provides me with those things. God is just so, so good. Each night I start off my prayer with, "Thank you God for this beautiful day and all the blessings you show me....." My goal is going to be to write down things I am thankful for through out the day and thank God for each of those individual things. My heart is so content right now. I read these blogs often about peoples trials and tribulations, sickness, cancer, death. It's so sad and my heart breaks for them. I pray for those people and my prayer is that even through their struggles that they can see God's love. It reminds me of the song "How He Loves" by David Crowder. I cry every time I hear that song.

I hope all of you will take a moment to say a prayer for all those fighting cancer. Pray for their family, friends, doctors, and nurses too. They need prayers for strength. Trust me, I've been there.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


We took a fam vacay on a cruise to Mexico! It was a lot of fun! Our port stops were Cozumel and Calica! Lots of shopping and sunning!!
In Playa Del Maya

I don't care how old I get I will always love silly cups
at dinner the first night
me and brother

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Goodness I can not believe it is August!!!! July was a SUPER busy month for me and I have a feeling August isn't going to slow down either! I told myself I must start back blogging in August. So let's get to it! I'm just going to start tonight about a sweet friend of mine. I've known Beth since the diaper days. We grew up together, and are still growing up together. She studied abroad this summer and saw tons of amazing sights! I am so jealous of her trip! She backpacked for the first few weeks before her class began. I went over tonight to see her, hear about the trip, and look at pictures. She had me a treat! Some chocolates and a tulip magnet from Holland! How sweet! I loved visiting and catching up so much. On my way back home I got so touched by the gifts. She personally selected the gifts for me, just a she did for the other gifts she brought back for people. That's they type of person she is- and I LOVE that about her! I am so grateful for her friendship and SO blessed that God selected her to be a part of my life. I do not know what I would do with out this girl. She has been there for me through it all. The best part is, I know she will still be there through all of the things we have yet to face in life, just as I will for her! I am so excited to see where our lives take us, but hopefully we will live close so our future children can grow up and be best friends like us! I am just feeling extra blessed by her and ALL my other awesome friends and family. God is so good! I can't end this post without saying how GREAT her parents are, too! I just love sitting in their living room chatting for hours with them! I am one lucky girl. I hope you all a friend like I have in Beth!

These are the chocolates she brought me. Yummy! Who wouldn't smile at this cute box!?

This is us almost a year ago when I was in Auburn for her birthday. Most people would laugh at a gift of a mum with a squirrel(for Alpha Gam) yard decoration in it. However Beth appreciates special gifts like that, as do I!
"A friend is one who strengthens you with prayers, blesses you with love and encourages you with hope."

Love you Doroth!

Monday, July 18, 2011

CUTE CUTE CUTE I made cake balls and individually wrapped them and put them in these cute mini buckets. I usually buy a few of these buckets when Target has them in the dollar section. I'm obsessed with them!
This is a cupcake/cake ball platter I made
3 different cake balls. They were adorable in the mini buckets!
Vanilla cupcakes with raspberry buttercream... YUM-O!!
How cute are they!?