Monday, July 18, 2011

CUTE CUTE CUTE I made cake balls and individually wrapped them and put them in these cute mini buckets. I usually buy a few of these buckets when Target has them in the dollar section. I'm obsessed with them!
This is a cupcake/cake ball platter I made
3 different cake balls. They were adorable in the mini buckets!
Vanilla cupcakes with raspberry buttercream... YUM-O!!
How cute are they!?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I am having an amazing week here at The Lighthouse Family Retreat!!! I just can't even explain how awesome this is. It's a retreat for families who have children with cancer, but are in remission or healthy enough to be out of the hospital. The kids are great. It is SOOO hot here and there is so many people that it can be over-whelming to some of the children. It is the best feeling when you get to see them smile though! It makes everything worth it. Tonight in nightcap with all the volunteers we sang "Our God". I looked across the room and a lady crying caught my eye. She recently lost her daughter to cancer, and her and her son are here volunteering to help families who are fighting cancer. From being there, I know how hard it is to lose someone to cancer. My dad fought the battle for 2 years and unfortunately lost. But he didn't lose, he won. He is with our Heavenly Father and in a Christian's eyes that is the ultimate finish line. Anyways back to "Our God", Our God is GREATER, our God is STRONGER than any other. I don't see how the he sweet lady and her son could be here helping if they didn't have God's love. He is shining through them. Sometimes God's puts situations in our life so that we can take something from them and help others because WE have been there. I went for a run as soon as nightcap was over and a song called "Blessings" came on. OH MY GOODNESS. It says it all. I couldnt get the video to work but take a minute and go google or youtube the song Blessings by Laura Story. You won't be disappointed. Please pray for the families here! Pray that they feel God's presence this week, and in the weeks, months, and years to come as they may continue to face hard times. Help them remember that "God is good" all the time. (that was our lesson for today!) Love and blessings to you all!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Culinary Arts

Back to the topic of "What do you want to do for the rest of your life." UGH it is so SUPER stressful for me. I mean, I know what I love to do and what my one huge career life dream is but I talk myself out of it time and time again. The voices in my head say, "No you can't do that" or "Nope it's never going to happen" or "You will be so broke that you will live at home forever."(yikes) Anyways as I was looking over my classes next semester I finally made the decision to change my major, once again. When I started college I was an Interior Design Major. Well, I somehow ended up not taking any interior design classes and was in Fashion Merchandising instead. It was fun, thoughts of living in New York and working for some fancy smancy designer sounds all fun, but not something I wanted to spend THE REST of my life doing. So it then changed to Childlife Specialist..took a few basic classes, then decided I wasn't going to attend Alabama anymore. Along with a school change came a major change. I was a Family and Consumer Sciences secondary education major. Now, all of these things interest me, but again not what I want to spend my remaining years doing. So, today, I made the decision and emailed my advisor. I am just going for it and my major is going to be Culinary Arts. It's my one true passion and I am not going to shove it aside any longer. So here goes to another Major change and lets hope this one sticks. I only need 39 more hours to have that degree which is MUCH more appealing than the 88 needed for Family and Consumer Sciences. I know God has an incredible plan for me and I am SO excited to see where this leads me in life. Though sometimes I wish God could mail us a package with all of our life instructions.

What about y'all? Anyone have any advice/ stories about college, jobs, major changes??