Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Whatever You're Doing Music Video

It doesn't matter why your heart get's broken; it still hurts. Pain is pain. 
-7th Heaven

Friday, October 22, 2010


scratch that last post. won't be going anymore. I'm sad, really  really sad. my other grandmother fell today and cant walk. so mom cant leave her and there's no one else to go with me. so this once in a life time opportunity is no more. I'm sad because my grammy is hurt and because I don't get to meet on of my idols. I just hate when I get my hopes up and it never works out. I feel like that's always the case lately. I mean I was SO excited about this. I told everyone. Even people who don't know who she is or care one bit. Oh well life goes on.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


This Saturday I am going to Atlanta in hopes of meeting the original cake pop lady! I am so excited. I have followed her blog/ website for probably a year now... She's so funny and creative. Such an inspiration to me as a baker! She has published a book and is doing a signing tour all over North America. When I found out she would be in Atlanta I became SUPER excited and immediately text my mom. She said we may not be able to go because my grandfather is in the hospital. They found a mass on his pancreas a few weeks ago. He isn't doing well, they are just taking it day by day. Please keep him in your prayers! However, we are getting to go to Atlanta and will probably come back through Birmingham to spend time with him. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

These are her newest creation. How stinkin cute! Tea pots!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Speak Now

I've always been a T. Swift girl! Love her! She tells it like it is! I love this song because, honestly, I've always had dreams that my "one" was that close to marrying the wrong person. Let's hope I don't have to bust up and break up a wedding, or the other way around. haha! Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Can't Stop Smiling!

I got my official acceptance letter to UNA today!!!! I was seriously like a little child filled with excitement when I opened it! I NEVER thought I would go through all the school situations that I have, so far, but I truly feel like this is THE place for me. I have prayed so much about it and I feel like God has great things in store for me in Florence!!!! I literally can't stop smiling! Life is so good :) Now all I have to do is register for classes and find somewhere to live for the spring semester! I am planning to live with my BFF Laura next year! I should have gone to UNA when she did, but I learned my lesson!!!

little Scottsboro UNA'ers

Monday, October 11, 2010


WHEWWW WEE!! I started with a personal trainer this morning!! I am soooo excited about it! I usually walk but I wanted to go above and beyond. Today was my first day, and my arms felt like jello but other than that I feel great! I'm posting this so if anyone reads it you can ask me how my training is going to make sure I'm keeping up with it! One lady in the gym this morning asked me, "Do you know what you're getting yourself in to??" "Um, nooo but here goes!" she said, "whatever you do don't give up! You may feel like you want to but keep going. You can do it!" so thank you nice lady for the encouragement!!!

Another thing, if I begin to look like this. Someone STOP me!! bahaha jk that won't happen. Just trying to get fit :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween Treats!

As you know, I love cooking and baking. I saw a cute picture of pumpkin cake pops and decided to make them. I also let my imagination get wild and I came up with some other fun Halloween theme pops!! I have my first order for tomorrow!!! So exciting! I'm not going to be able to make them all the time, however I do plan to tae a few orders. I am selling them for 75 cents a pop if I have single pops available. Obviously I cant make a whole batch of them just because someone wants one pop. Minimum orders will be 12 pops at 70 cents a pop. Any amount over 12 will be 65 cents each. If someone needs an order in the higher numbers, we will work that out then! They are SO VERY time consuming and I would love to charge $5 for EACH pop, haha, but since I'm just doing this as a hobby I am keeping the prices low just to cover the cost to make them. Anyways enjoy! Leave a comment or contact me on here or facebook it you have questions :)

I can also do them off of the stick...
eyeball and pumpkins
ghosts, cat, frankenstein
view of the top of my first PAID order!!!!! 
I made the cake mix orange so when you bite in it adds a little fun
also chocolate pumpkins

The cookies are also for sale.. the designs are below.. I can also do round cookies with halloween sprinkles... I think the cookies will be 50 cents a piece, minimum of 12.

a platter of cookies that I sent to Brownwood!
ghosts, pumpkin, bat, and witch's cauldron 
more pumpkin cake pops with faces

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Alabama vs. Florida

Tuscaloosa this past weekend was SOOOO much fun!! It was my first time back since I moved back home so it was bittersweet. But, I was reassured that it wasn't for me!! I love it to visit still tho!

The new end zone. they were working on it all year when I was there and since my dorm was right by there, I was glad to see it finally finished!
Mom and 3 of her friends from high school with me an Julia!
me and brother
Whiskey River Band played at the KA House Friday, me and Adair LOVED it!
Funny thing.... I was dropped off at the KA house to meet Adair. We matched. Next time we'll plan ahead! haha!