Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I love listening to songs that take me back! I realize I've only been out of high school 2 going on 3 years, but it still seems like forever ago. So much has changed, friends drifted apart, friends got closer. It happens no matter how much you try to stop it. Personally I can say that my life has only continued to get better, and better, and better! I am happier now than ever, and often find myself laughing over the things I thought were the end of the world in high school. But getting to the point, I LOVE listening to songs that take me back to those memories for 3 or 4 minutes. I like to listen, reminisce, then keep trucking along with my life. Just thought I would share a few that I'm loving and why right now!

I'm Not One of Them- Lauren Alaina
Guys always gotta prove himself...

Dirt Road Prayer- Lauren Alaina
"It's good to know I can always go where the green grass grows, the weeds are high and the sun hangs low. Look to the sky and I say hello." This reminds me of my farm. It's "my place"

MercyMe- Bring The Rain
Probably just my favorite song ever. Praise HIM no matter what!

Clear As Day- Scotty McCreery
Just LOTS of nights that are still clear as day to me! Sweet memories.

Been There Done That- Luke Bryan
Wish I would have known this song back then!

I know You're Gonna Be There- Luke Bryan
The most perfectly real song.

Okay that's just a few songs on my current playlist! I hope y'all enjoy them!