Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sweet Story

Oh goodness! Isn't life so beautiful?! I was reading in a book something that I wanted to share. I am twenty, never been in a serious relationship, I have always thought to myself that I would be in one serious relationship forever(other than God and family.. you know what I mean!), but I often find myself wondering when God is going to put that someone in my life. It takes a great faith, and sometimes more faith than other times. But, stories like this give me give me a little more faith! Long story short....

In high school Amy made a list of things she wanted in a husband. On her list was that she wanted him to always carry peppermints in his pocket so that when they had grandkids, they would come to him and know he would always have a peppermint for them. When she met Philip, the first thing he did was offer her a peppermint. Wow, yea! They dated for a while until fate called them to separate directions. After the break up, Amy focused solely on her relationship with God. Two years passed. One day she felt as though God was telling her to call Philip. She said the feeling was so strong, so she called his mother to get his number. She called him, they chatted for hours. He kept calling week after week, and they kept falling more in love with each other. They finally had a date and a few days later he called and asked if they could meet. They went to the mall, drove around, and just hung out so Amy was confused as to why he was so urgent about them meeting up. Finally he said, " Has God been saying anything to you about me?" WHOA! Obviously God had been saying things to Amy too! My heart would have exploded! Then he said, "I feel like you are supposed to be my wife." He got down on his knee and she said yes! The ring came later on. They were married 6 months later.

This story made my heart smile. It proves that God works in miraculous ways, and it shows that when we listen to him, great things will come! If Amy hadn't listened to God telling her to call Philip that day, who knows where they would both be?(well God does, of course.) Pray for your future husband if you don't have one yet!!! And listen when God is telling you something.

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