Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Prom Flashback

With all the high schoolers talking about prom on facebook, I decided to do a flashback from my senior prom!

On the COLDEST night in Janurary 2009, I went fishing. Now I love fishing but I was SO not about to go that night. It was freezing! Shayna and Laura talked me into going because “the fish bite a lot when the weather is cold”. Whatever. So We went and met Jay, Tyler, and Ben on the side of some road. We went fishing every now and the but this night I was kind of suspicious of something but had no clue what was going to happen. So we’re just sitting there goofing off and Jay was like, “Here Riley reel this in I think there is a bite”. There was a bite alright! I pulled it out and it was a fish shaped object that he had written on it, “Riles, will you go to prom with me.” So of course I said yes. It was so, so sweet [even if he didn’t come up with it all by himself ;) ] I got all the lake water off of it and I still have that “fish”. I love all the clever ways guys are asking girls to prom now!

For Pre-Prom we went on the Southern Belle riverboat cruise through Chattanooga. I am surprised Jay didn’t push me off the boat because he did NOT want to go. Up until the last minute, our sweet Ethan was going to be my date. Anyway he went (ha!) and it ended up being a memorable night with lots of our friends. After that we went to Brittany’s house for some fun!

Finally, prom! I want to say it was March 28, 2009. “When the Lights Go Down in the City” was our theme and it was decorated so wonderfully. A lot of the juniors and seniors went to the Moody’s house for pictures before prom. That was something they started with Mary Jeanne and it has continued for several years now. SG is a junior so I maybe they’ll do it for 2 more years. We took pictures and visited then headed to prom. Andddd.... tornado sirens were going off on our way. As soon as we got there we had to go into the back “shelter” area. OMG what an experience. The after prom party was at Tiffany’s house and it had a theme of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. It was so cute and fun!

I think the four of us were together ALMOST every day senior year, at least a good bit!

Okay I have enjoyed my flashback of senior prom. It was truly a blast and I got to experience it all with one of my best friends! So many of my high school memories include him so it made since that this big event did too! Things have changes since then but I can think back on those good times and smile. What a ride it was!

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