Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dorm Life

Ah living in a small room with one other person is tons of fun! No really I do like it. I keep my stuff organized and neat(something I don't do in my room at home) haha! I still am lacking my tv, mini fridge, and microwave but I really COULD live without it all. The bulletin board was a nasty green color and I couldn't take it any longer so I ventured on the icey roads to Hobby Lobby and got it. It was $2 a yard which I was happy with. The green mesh stuff was like $3 and I had enough extra of both to vamp up my nasty chair. I have gotta get some new blinds though. These are rinky dinky! Over all I am happy with how it's looking so far! the baskets on the shelve I got both of them for $10! I need to get a few more while they are on sale!

check out the lady outline or whatever on my closet door... weird.. I didn't do it!
my little Valentine's rug ^ and basket of treats

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