Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thank God for all I missed

I have one full day left in Scottsboro, and I haven't even started packing for Florence. I literally have SO many clothes and shoes and everything I am kind of stressed about it. Going from my big old bedroom to sharing a dorm with another person(which, btw they won't tell me who it is. they said "you'll find out when you move in" ugh!) is going to be a change. I mean I have done it before and I know I can do it again but STILL! Oh well, it is just going to be like 5 months. I can do anything for 5 months! When I talk to people about all that I've been through on the college front, sometimes I just laugh because UNA is where I should have been from the start. However I had a great year last year at Alabama, and being home at Northeast has been..well.. I've managed. There is some people in Scottsboro that live for drama and I am SO glad to be leaving them and it! It has been up and down, back and forth since May and I'm so ready for this fresh start! I have so enjoyed my best friends being home since December and it's going to take some getting used to not having a few of them around all the time. Hopefully I will be busy and making new friends asap!

On to some other stuff... I got me some new tennis shoes. I got some Reebok Easytones and I have worn them all day today. They are super comfy! I am not sure yet if they are "toning" anything like they are supposed to. They feel like regular tennis shoes but we shall see! I usuallly buy Asics but they didn't have my size so I got these! I reccomend for sure! You can even go online and design your own. How cool!

As most of you know I LOVE pictures. Taking them, being in them, just whatever! Well yesterday my brother found a picture of me, my Grampy. and my brother when we were kids. I was so young (like 5) when Grampy passed away and it's hard to remember a lot, so I am thankful for pictures. AND today I walked into my moms room and found some pictures of Seattle. These were some we bought that a professional had taken. I love that place. I only lived there for 29 (long, sad, yet happy) days while we tried to get dad well. It is such a beautiful place. Anyways I will be taking these pictures off to college with me. They are such a reminder of all I have been through. They still offer good memories but I can look at these pictures and remember to take a minute and to be grateful for what I have right that second. We all need a reminder like that.

Now, my favorite song of the day is This by Darius Rucker.. "Thank God for all I missed, because it led me here to this." Love it! And I do thank God for all I missed (like sometimes those unanswered prayers. HE knows better than I do :)

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