Sunday, August 22, 2010


I had such a fun weekend!! Friday I went out with some friends. We ended up somewhere between Stevenson/Scottsboro/Bridgeport... I really don't know. haha! It's going to be an interesting fall and winter, that's for sure. Saturday I had to work, then go to a wedding (which was beautiful!), then I went to Florence to stay with Laura. I LOVE FLORENCE!!! I was only there for one night and I didn't want to come back home. Everyone I met was so awesome and I can not wait to go back and hang out and move there in January!! I know I'm making the right decision this time :) Here's some pictures from the weekend so far!

Me, Sarah, Jennifer Friday night
 Laura, me, Sarah Elizabeth and new Florence friends!!
Laura, Max and me... representing Scottsboro!

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