Thursday, August 5, 2010

After working on math basically all day yesterday (and NOT getting along with quadratic formulas) I decided I wanted to go away. Somewhere tropical- I'm thinking Hawaii. I don't care who goes with me. As long as they pack their happiness and don't annoy me. :)

I want to lay here:
and here:
and do this:

and NOT think about this:

... for a week.

I totally wish I could go. How great that would be! Too bad summer is almost over! Since I can't go to Hawaii for a vacay, I'll settle for going here this weekend:

to celebrate her graduation:
I'm so bummed that I have finals and won't be able to go to her actual graduation Monday! But I will be there Saturday night for the celebration! I am so excited to get out of town, even just for one night. 

Now I'm off to do more math...


  1. Ohh..I would love to be on the beach right now too! Just found your blog! It's too cute! New follower!


  2. Amen to that!! I would love to go sit on a beach somewhere without a worry for a week!!