Sunday, August 29, 2010

That's What I Love About Sundays

This weekend had been great!! Friday night I went with Holley and Hilliary to see their baby cousin, Shelbie Jayne. She's such a doll!! I was so glad to see Holley since she was home for the weekend! Saturday I went to a Premier Jewelry party and I bought a pair of earrings. They are just rhinestones with a pretty silver and gold setting. Just simple ones that I can wear every day! I can't wait until they come in! Saturday night I hung out with Kendall!!! We had so much fun!! I feel like they haven't even been gone to Auburn for a few weeks. I'll be visiting there soon :) Today has been a lazy rainy day. I have been watching a movie network all afternoon. I should probably start some homework.... I thought I'd post a few of my favorite things today!

Me and mom went to Wal-Mart after lunch today and I wanted some nail polish. I remember when I was younger every time we would go to Wal-Mart I would BEG for some bon-bons nail polish. It's just $1 so I decided to get one today. I love fun colors for my nails!

We also saw this cinnamon sugar febreeze and got it! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fall and this scent reminds me of it :)
I got this Twilight Woods lotion and spray from Bath and Body Works last week and It smells so good! It's good for fall too. I love B&BW but I always tend to spend a small fortune in there. I bought 3 lip glosses last time I was there.. 3! i also got a cute little hand sanitizer and a holder for it for my key chain. Love it. The scent is candy corn.. can't you tell I'm ready for Fall:)

Me and Kendall on Saturday night. I was dying to wear my boots. Again, rushing Fall!

AHH can't wait for these leaves!!!!

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