Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School

Well, yesterday I started over! Of course I took classes at NACC this summer, but lots of people did and then went back to their University. Yesterday made it more official. I was nervous about walking into my first class and scanning the room to see if there was anyone I knew. I hate that awkwardness. So I walked in and took a seat, without looking. A few minutes later two people from high school walked in and sat beside me. SHEW! What a relief. We talked a bit, I always get the "I thought you were at Alabama?!?" question. Luckily one of them had done the same exact thing, so he understood! After that class I was nervous about the next. I found Rashad and he had to point me in the direction of the English building. Found it. Know zero people in that class. The guy sitting beside me didn't have on shoes. REALLY?!?!  However on the way to that class I did get the privilege of seeing Trooper. The Mustang Mascot-it's a horse incase you didn't know. Made. My. Day. I love goofy things like that. Well, English got out like an hour early. I was freaking out. I was NOT about to walk in the student center alone to see if I knew anyone or get food. So I made my way to my car and drove 5 minutes down the road to get a grilled chicken sandwich and apple fries from Burger King. (and ate it in my car) haha! I have got to get over this whole being shy thing. But you know, it WAS the first day of school. I was texting anyone I could think of to see if they were out of class early too. Nope. When I got back to campus I was going to meet Sarah so we could check out the horse again, and I saw Ben and Rashad, again. Relief again. Seeing faces I know make me happy! Ben walked with me to my next class, and made me go through the student center. Arrrrgh. At least I wasn't alone! I only saw 3 people I knew, because I wouldn't really look around and they were right in front of me. More familiar faces. I loved it. I realized that I'm not going to be alone and miserable this semester. It was fun! All in all it was a good day!

Sorry that it's so large! But this is Trooper. I wish I had gotten a better picture :)

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