Sunday, April 17, 2011

6 years

Six years ago today my dad went home to be with the good Lord. It was a Sunday, just like today. Sarah Grace pointed out that today is the first time this anniversary has been on a Sunday. It's a sad day, but I am smiling as I am reminded of so many memories he filled my life with. The past few days people have told me some funny stories or just sweet memories and it has made my heart smile. Someone told me about a time they were playing golf and dad got mad and dumbed all his golf clubs in the pond. It makes me crack up because that sounds just like him. He went through some clubs :) It is so beautiful outside today, and I know if he was still with us, this would be a perfect day in his eyes. He would more than likely be working in the yard! I'm going to go enjoy the day outside!! Six years seems like forever, but then it feels like it was just yesterday. I have faith in knowing I will be with him one day. Love y'all.

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