Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend Recap and Randoms

Lauren(brother's girlfriend), me, Butler, mom, and Tony at my cousin Evan's Engagement Party at the Birmingham Country Club. SO NICE! It was so special to be a part of their celebration this past Saturday. We stayed at Ross Bridge after and I love staying there! The weather was so warm that people were actually swimming in the pool! I enjoy any excuse to spend time with my family.(even if I am the 5th wheel)
Butler, Kim(cousin), Granny Peg, and me
Friday I went to Tuscaloosa to celebrate one of my friends birthdays! It was weird being back there, but I am for sure glad I do not attend school there any more! It was a fun night for sure!
I never posted the Valentine cake pops so I wanted to just to have. These were teddy bears with a conversation heart and then a pink heart. They turned out super adorbs!

Tonight I had another Phi meeting and it was so great! I am loving getting to know these girls better! I am our pledge class Chaplain and I'm very excited about it! I am shy but have been wanting to do something like this! I feel like it's going to be a baby step in the right direction! :) Love y'all!

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