Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Birthday Weekend!

I had the best birthday weekend! I was sick but it still turned out good! It was the first time I had been in Scottsboro for a whole since I moved! Much needed! Friday I went to lunch at Sweet Peppers and to get Wagon Wheel ice cream in Muscle Shoals with Chelsey and Laura! They were so sweet to get me tons of little gifts!! It was perf! I went home that afternoon because I was really feeling bad. I stopped and got me a Gigi's cupcake and it didn't dissapoint. I got halfway between home and Florence and one of my friends text me asking why I went home because her and another friend had made me a ladybug cake. I felt SOOO bad!! I almost turned around. How sweet was that tho! It made me smile (they saved it for when I got back and it was adorable and delish!) I had a birthday dinner of left over pizza. I should add that I usually make a HUGE deal out of my birthday and celebrate atleast the whole week of. Since I was sick all week I didn't feel like doing anything and I was not a birthday brat! I was sung to for the first time all day at about 11:00 that night with a candle in an oreo! I'm not complaining!

my bday oreo (pardon my goofy smile and roughness, remember I didn't feel good!)
So excited for my new Yurman!

I got the greatest gifts!! 2 new bathing suits from Jcrew and T.J. Maxx, Jcrew dress and sweater, and Yurman earrings!! EEEEEK!!! I didn't think I would get the earrings and I was SOO happy! Pretty sure the whole neighborhood heard me squeel!

Above- Kendall Below- Holley

I share a birthday with my cousin who is 6 years older and we celebrated with family on Saturday and a yummy bbq place called Mud Creek. It was so good. I love being with my family! Saturday after that I hung out with 2 of my bestest friends. A few of my other bests came by my house earlier with gifts! They were so generous! I love them!! It was all around a great weekend. Being 20 makes me feel like it's time to grow up even more and get a steady job (I've usually only worked here and there). I'm hoping Hobby Lobby can hook me up ;)

Me and Maggie and our moms!

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