Friday, May 6, 2011


This past week I went and volunteered on our study day. Some of my sorority sisters and I went to Russellville to sort clothing items in a HUGE warehouse. There were TONS of clothes and water, but so much stuff they still needed.

I found Woody and Buzz when I was organizing the toys. It made me think of Toy Story and all the stories these stuffed dolls would tell if they could talk. These were a little boys toys once. He probably took them everywhere and adored them. He obviously out grew them and wanted them to have a second life.
This was a HUGE pile of stuffed animals. I wanted to sob looking at it. It was so generous for these people to donate so much stuff. I was just staring at the stuffed animals and toys for a minute and I wanted to cry. I may have even teared up. These sweet innocent children who lost their homes probably lost their stuffed animals too. Most children have a favorite "lovie" or blankie or something they take everywhere and sleep with. It most likely got swept away in the storm and thinking about that just broke my heart for them.
Sweet children shoes that were donated. I wanted to cry while sorting them also. There was a pair of itty bitty baby new balance tennis shoes. I mean they were just a little bigger than my thumb. I just thought of those tiny babys so innocent and didn't/won't even know what happened.
This wasn't even half of the water. There was probably double this. SO MUCH. I think when a disaster happens everyone automatically thinks WATER and CLOTHES. There were mass amounts of both.
Here are some of the boxes of clothes. It was a mess. We were sorting things by age/ size/ season. I think people will be covered with clothes for a while. There was only one mattress donated and maybe 10 pillows. I know it's not that easy to donate a mattress, but pillows are. These people do not have a pillow to lay their head on at night. I am going to buy some to donate when I go back to the shelter.
All I can think of when I think of this disaster is "I will praise YOU in this storm." Hearts are broken, lives are turned upside down, homes lost, but the love of Christ will get us all through this. I encourage you to pray for these families and those helping rebuild their lives. They need it. God Bless!!

Psalm 29:11

The LORD blesses his people with peace.

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