Friday, May 6, 2011

Little of this and that...

First of all I would like to wish one of my very best friends a HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY!!! Ashley has been there for me forever it seems! I remember when we were in elementary school she never spent the night away from home. One night she stayed with me and got sick so her mom had to come get her! haha! During high school we had the same lunch period every semester but one (I think) and we always had some fun lunch times! She goes to Auburn so she's far away from me, but anytime I need her she it there either skyping or texting!! Ashley has such a smart head on her shoulders and I can't wait to see all the great things she does in her life! I love you Ashley and hope you have the best day ever!!!!
My obsession with Target could be considered unhealthy. I just love it!! I have a gift card from returning something so I went yesterday and found some awesome items in the $1 section. A popcorn bucket, beach pail, and stars and stripes small bucket. I got these because I want to use them for themed cake pop displays. I am considering doing a bake sale to raise money for the Lighthouse Retreat listed in the post below. I can't wait to be home and bake (I'm sure my mom can't wait for messes in her kitchen either :)
I also got this cute princess cup and snack holder. I may be 20 but I love princesses! I mean they were just a dollar :)
I pulled an "all-nighter" earlier this week to study for a test. One of my teachers gave a test the week of finals. Who does that?! I studied out in the study/ common area of my dorm floor and I had a camp set up. People would laugh when they saw me! lol I had 4 drinks set up beside me and 2 more in my bag. I need to stay hydrated all night! I have discovered Fanta orange ZERO! No calories, fat, carbs, or sugar!! It was so good!
We got an adorable cupcake place in Florence and I am so jealous of it! I want my own bakery! I went last week and got 2 cup cakes to try! (no I didn't eat them both at the same time!) This was the peanut butter chocolate one. The peanut butter drizzle on top was the best part! The chocolate icing was a little to rich for me.
Red Velvet- YUM! The cream cheese icing was the best icing I've ever had! The cupcake part wasn't the absolute best though! The lady who has this bakery is probably in her middle twenties. I want to talk to her about what all it took to open this but she was busy when I went in. It is seriously my life dream to open a bakery. I think I talk about it every day and I know I think about it every day. I mean, I have fabric, chairs, colors, and ideas picked out... this has gotta happen! I'm going to try and get a job here next fall so I can get some experience in the small bakery business!

Finals started today, but I don't have one until Monday! Yesterday was dead day and I went to Russellville to volunteer sorting donated items for tornado victims. I will do a whole post about it! Also I am going to post all the ideas I have for my bakery soon :)

Have an awesome day!!!!!

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