Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Looking Back

These pictures are from newest to oldest... It did that when I was uploading so I just went with it.. anyways, my first semester at UNA is over :( so sad! I has the best semester ever!! It felt exactly like how college is supposed to feel. I have found my happy place! I was thinking about how much happened this semester and wanted to take a look back....

I volunteered with my sisters.
I met new friends and got new nicknames. Young Hay Hay, Rowdy Riles, and A-town.
Went to my first formal.
Rode a camel.
Went to the zoo with my sisters.
Went to the beach for Spring Break.
Went to some mixers.
Had Casino Night.
Ate with the Chic- Fil- A chicken
Turned TWENTY!
Spent many Wednesday nights at La Fonda's
Made some fire with Sam.
Was a gangster.
Went to the circus with Chelsey!
Spent Mardi Gras in Auburn.

Played in the snow my first week there.
Had some lovely entertainment at LaFonda's
Made a quick trip to T-Town.
Bonded with my Big.
"Borrowed" some pizza rolls.
Got initiated into Phi Mu.
Met Lee Brice and Gloriana and got their signatures.
Left a car door open outside BWW on the busiest road in Florence. (whoops)
Pulled a few all- nighters.
Made some wonderful friends.
Had a roommate from Brazil.
Was freaked out many times by my haunted dorm.
Changed my major.
Survived tornados.
Went for numerous drives trying to find some country back roads.
Counted my blessings many times.
Cried to a Professer.
Had THREE flat tires.
Made memories more to last a life time.

I am home now and all I want is to be back in Florence with all my friends! I will NEVER replace my lifetime best friends from home, but there is a different bond with college friends. I am so lucky for all of them and going to miss them this summer! I'll be making many trips to Huntsville, Athens, and Florence for visits! I can't wait to be reunited in August and do it all over again! LOVE y'all!

"Thank God for all I missed, cause it lead me here to this."

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  1. Don't you love how you can have a set of college friends and hometown friends. It makes you feel so blessed... But I loved this post. I am a senior in college and its fun to look back to all the good times of previous years! I am new follower to your blog and I am loving it so far.

    -Sarah from